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Custom Books are: Closed

Since the beginning of Scorpion 6 Knives, our goal has been to make knives all the way to completion and sell them as available, ready to ship.

The amount of time and the financial investment to get to this point has been no simple task.

As a company, we have invested tens of thousands of our own dollars with no investors, loans or any outside help to make this dream a reality.

Well, now it is a reality.

We are currently working on the last of our custom book orders and are in the beginning stages of producing our own small batch “sprint runs”. When these runs are complete, we will announce the drops to the subscribers of our website, on our social media pages, and then place them up on the site, first come/first served.

This will make things faster, easier to control, and allow for more artistic creations to come out of the S6 Lab.

The future is bright. Thank you for being a part of it.

Shane & Katie