Warranty & Legal

There is no fine print. Just common sense.


Part 1

Scorpion 6 Knives are handmade tools guaranteed to be free of safety defects in workmanship when received from the factory or authorized dealers.

Part 2

Any product we find to be defective in its original material, construction, or workmanship that would be deemed a safety concern will be repaired at no charge.

Part 3

Attempting to fail the knife, stress testing, noise testing or any testing beyond normal operational capacity, often to a breaking point, in order to observe the results will be considered abuse.

Part 4

Scorpion 6 Knives LLC will not warranty products due to loss, damage caused by abuse or improper care, neglect, misuse, accident, improper blade sharpening or disassembly.

Have a warranty return?

email: warranty@scorpion6knives.com


We have no idea where our knives may end up or who is working on them. We do not know the experience of others in knifemaking and tuning. If someone else takes the knife apart, makes a mistake, sells it to you and it closes on your finger, we cannot be held liable.


Scorpion 6 Knives are intentionally designed and sold for genuine purposes only.  Buyer assumes the full and complete responsibility of having ascertained, and complied with all pertinent local, state, federal and international laws with regard to the possession and use of any item purchased from Scorpion 6 Knives LLC.  The buyer ensures that products ordered would be used in a lawful manner. The buyer will also ensure that he/she is of legal age and will comply with current and future laws and regulations.  Scorpion 6 Knives LLC will not be held liable for the misuse of any product.  If a warranty return is approved, the buyer must enclose prepaid return postage along with the knife and original certificate of authenticity.  If the return prepaid postage is not enclosed, you will receive an invoice for shipping prior to us mailing the knife back- No Exceptions.

Warning! Knives from Scorpion 6 are extremely sharp tools and should only be used by those comfortable and experienced with edged instruments.

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