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  • Update 4/17

    Update 4/17

    Happy Monday Since social media is being anything but social… here is what you may have missed:

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  • B1-B Run is Alive!

    The B1-Balisong (B1-B) is our first attempt of a Balisong knife. Even though I have very little experience with them, I felt that I would learn and challenge my abilities by making one. Press fit stop pins into hardened stainless steel was my key goal. After making the prototype, I realized that I do in…

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  • Sunday Update

    The time after Blade Show is always a wild time. For the entire year, that one event is something that is always being worked on because of how immense it is. After cleaning the shop, replacing all of our machine tooling, restocking every consumable, and cutting the next Blade Show- we are back in business.…

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  • Scorpion 6 Knives

    Scorpion 6 Knives

    As we have all experienced, social media has been a draining part of our everyday lives since inception. As most things, it is a powerful resource tool when used correctly. Unfortunately, it has become a cesspool of drama, politics, control and endless advertising. So, we are launching the S6 Blog. No algorithms, no targeted marketing,…

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