Pingvin 3.0


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Pingvin 3.0

This is the 3rd variation of the Pingvin Multi-Tool.  In this variation we deleted the bottle opener and pocket clip and added a built-in pocket “slip” and Phillips/Flat Head driver with hex window.  This version of the tool also features a textured ramp for better grip in the hand.

The tool itself is made out of 1075 steel that has been cut out using a fiber laser.  Steel grade 1075 is actively used in various industrial fields as a material for the manufacture of clutch discs, spindles, springs of various sizes, engine valves and other parts operating with friction conditions under the influence of vibrational loads. Steel grade 1075 is also commonly used to manufacture cold steel arms.  The steel is then softened around the edges, heat treated, oil quenched, and tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 62HRC +/- 1.

After the heat-treating process, a ramp is ground on the bottom for the prybar, as well as a glass break point on the front of the ring.

The final application is a DLC (Diamond Like Coating) Black finish that protects the tool from corrosion and light scratching.

A hardened US Made Phillips/Flathead driver is then installed in the handle itself.  Since the tool is precision laser cut, the tool has a tight fit in the drive hex to stay in place.


*This will be a limited run of 100 total pieces

*100% US Handmade


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