Baby Blomst


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The Baby Blomst (Current Lead Time is 16-18+/- Months)

In her endeavor to learn more about the business of knife making, Katie Magnussen wanted to design her own folder, from sketch to finished product.  The final result was the Blomst.  While she was making this knife, someone told her to not name it something girly- so, as she would, she named it the Blomst, which means “Flower” in Norwegian.  The initial design was the largest folding knife in Scorpion 6 history, and too much knife for most everyday carry situations.  In the end we sized down the original, and the Baby Blomst was born.

Blade: The Baby Blomst features an American Tanto style hand ground blade with a hollow ground top swedge and hollow ground bellied main bevel. The grinding or stock removal of the steel on the blade is achieved on a 2×72 vertical knife grinder. The blade is then prepared, and heat treated in house to maintain quality and precision during such a crucial and often overlooked step of the process.  The opening action is found on a flipper tab on the blade that fires the blade open on caged ceramic ball bearings.

Handles: The handles on the Baby Blomst are made from US made Aerospace Grade 5 6AL4V Titanium. This grade of titanium allows for the proper function of the lock bar as well as more accurate machining and overall, more dependable outcome for the mechanics and finishes. The Baby Blomst features an overbuilt and aggressive handle design with .160″ thick material. All the machining, sanding, sculpting, and customizing is done in house by hand individually for every part on the knife.

Clip and Hardware: The clip is made from the same trusted 6Al4V titanium as the handles and is machined and hand finished to give the right tension in the pocket without compromising on looks or quality. The Baby Blomst also features a hardened stainless steel glass breaker with through holes for tie down or lanyards. The hardware is US made from titanium using a precision Swiss Screw machine. The hardened precision pivot barrel features a .250 outside diameter to ensure the strongest hinge-point for the blade without compromising the integrity of the blade strength.  Holding the pivot and knife assembly together are titanium pivot screws on both sides.

The cost of the knife includes:

  • One hand built folding knife with the most premier steel/titanium available to us
  • Ceramic Caged Bearings
  • Titanium Hardware
  • Titanium Pivot Screws
  • Titanium Clip
  • Custom Hand Machining/Sculpting
  • Custom Hand Finishing
  • Custom Anodizing/Flame Coloring
  • Custom Fiber Lasering
  • Custom Packaging (US)
  • S6 Appreciation Pack
  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Sharpening

DOB: 19 May 2019
Blade: 3.6″
Total Length: 8.5”
Closed Length: 5.1”

Weight: 8.33 oz

To make production faster for everyone, the options on the website are the ONLY custom finish options available. We will not modify windows/holes/milled grooves/remove components/add components/modify blade shape/add studs etc…

If you are interested in upgrading materials/finishes, please contact directly to place your order.

Made in USA

Made by Hand

Made by Two


Additional information

Weight 8.33 oz
Blade Finish Options

Acid Stonewashed, Stonewashed, Loki, Maker's Discretion, Satin

Anodizing Options

None, Bronze, Purple, Blue, Maker's Discretion

Custom Options

None, Sculpted, Milled, Contoured, Maker's Discretion

This knife will be

Used for Hard Work, Normal Use (EDC), For Show (Little/no use)