Welcome to the #Scorpion6Family

In the deserts of South Eastern Arizona there is a small fabrication shop we call “The Lab” where the most high-end US made materials available to us and manual hand construction come together to create art and function in a tool that can be used and handed down for generations. In a world where everything is disposable and immediate gratification is valued over quality, we believe that what we are crafting is important and vital in our community.

Scorpion 6 Knives is owned/operated by myself (Shane) and my wife (Katie).  Everything about our knives, from the materials to the packaging is from the USA, and (after water jet cutting) is all completed in house by hand without the use of CNC machinery.  All of our blades are hand ground using a 2×72 grinder in a process called stock removal. Every facet of the knife is hand finished on each individual build to provide the care and attention the knife needs to operate at peak performance.

As a brand we are also constantly looking forwards, from our designs and finishes to our technological innovations and future vision for Scorpion 6 Knives. Since every knife is hand built, no two builds are ever identical, and all are unique.

Scorpion 6 Knives are hand crafted, limited, numbered, and signed custom knives built for use or display. To secure an S6 build, follow us on our social media pages, subscribe to our website for the most recent details on releases or check out our Dealers on the “Dealers” section of this website. 

Tastes can change. Taste is unreliable. But quality…how it is made and the integrity behind it, that is the constant.

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