Q: What is your current lead time?

A: +/- 16-18 months depending on the finish options selected.

Q: What is the Loki blade finish?

A: The Loki finish is our colorful finish.  Which is achieved during the heat treat process, therefore the coloring is completely random and unique.

​ Q: What is the difference between sculpted and milled?

A: Sculpting is done by hand on the grinder where milled is done by hand on a milling machine.  Sculpting is a more natural finish where milling is a more mechanical/ geometric pattern finish.

Q: What is the difference between the primary uses?

A: Work: Ready for abuse and does not show scratches as easily.

     Pocket: A little bit of a flash but you won’t be scared to use it.

     Safe: Shiny, polished and pretty.  More of a Sunday carry.

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