Q: What is your current lead time?

A: We are currently delivering orders around the 16–18-month mark, however custom books are closed.

Q: How do I maintain my knife?

A: Watch our video on how to clean your knife: (3) Cleaning Your Knife – YouTube

​ Q: The blade centering has become off center?

A: Gently tighten the pivot screw- OVER TIGHTENING CAN DAMAGE THE KNIFE! This should draw the blade back to center.

​Q: My knife has lock slip/lock stick? How can I remedy this?

A: Clean the lock face of the blade with a q-tip (see video: (3) Cleaning Your Knife – YouTube )

*Lock slip is primarily caused by the lock bar being un-sprung, or because it is just dirty. Avoid overlubricating!

*Lock stick is primarily caused by dirt/debris or improper break in. After cleaning the lock face on the blade, if lock stick still persists- apply graphite to the blade lock face with a pencil. Continue to apply as needed until the titanium work hardens and breaks in.

Q: How do I acquire a Scorpion 6 tool?

A: Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on upcoming drops and sprint runs. We also notify everyone when we have orders heading out to our dealers via social media.

Q: Can I order a custom build from you?

A: Although we appreciate the support and would love to say yes to everyone, we have decided to close our custom books for the foreseeable future.

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