Achievement Unlocked

Exactly one month ago, on January 12th, I wanted to try something.

Could I run a successful business, manage our apparel business, launch a new website for another project, be a loving spouse, never miss a karate class or family meal, manage myself, and write a blog post every day for a month.

I didn’t really have any intentions of becoming a “blogger”, that’s not my place nor my ambitions. It was more about pushing my limits.

I have never been busier, I have never been as fully scheduled as I am right at this moment. When that happens, you can start to self isolate to protect your energy.

Your body is going into sleep mode, protecting itself from burn out. Well, you need to tell your inner self to shut up, and get to work.

So when I saw absolutely zero time to breathe in my schedule, I added completing a blog post every day for an entire month without missing a day.

I didn’t have a goal, or vision for it. Really, I was just journaling my thoughts for those that cared to read. Hopefully it provided something of value that you could implement into your life.

Unless there’s an overwhelming call for me to continue these posts, this will likely be my last of this style, moving back to more traditional knife related content.

Long story short, this entire last month was a project to push myself when I personally believed I couldn’t- killing my inner quitter, and proving by example that there is time. You can make anything happen.

So stop telling yourself you can’t. It’s an excuse that even you don’t really believe.

Stop giving up on yourself.

See what your potential really is.


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