Milestone Achievement

As I was working on a batch of knives at the grinder, Mrs. Scorpion 6 was over at this work bench with her laptop and binders, pulling more knives.

It looked like any other day…

But it wasn’t. Today was a very special day for us as a couple, as parents, and as small businesses owners.

We pulled the very last of our customer preorders.

For those that aren’t super familiar, we have been taking preorders since the day we started, almost 7 years ago. For 7 years, people have trusted us with their money as we made their builds, taking sometimes over 2 years to complete.

It has been a wild journey, with a massive amount of learning, heartache, laughs, bloody hands, and tired necks. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being able to walk out into our shop with my best friend and loving wife to create something with our hands out of nothing more than pieces of metal is something I could have never dreamed of.

Now it’s going to get even better…

In 81 knives, Scorpion 6 Knives will be unchained by responsibilities and lead times, to create, to innovate, to make serious changes, and we are beyond excited.

We have future builds in process for website drops, trade shows, and even a few just available for everyone with no lead times. No more money tied up as you wait.

This has been a goal we’ve aimed for since day one, and it was anything but gentle to get here. But now it’s here.

We hit our first major milestone. It took 7 years.

No trust funds. No magic donors. No investors. No loans.

Thousands of great people believed in us, trusted us with their money, and collected our passion to make this happen. Each and every supporter of our dream made it happen.

I hope you all have a milestone goal set in your mind.

I hope you all find peace and grace in what makes you happy.

We will celebrate tonight, for tomorrow starts the push to the final objective.

Lead by your example and let your success speak for you.


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