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Keep Flying the Airplane

This blog post is going to caveat off of an earlier post I made where I discussed trusting your instruments, regardless of what your heart is telling you.

A more important factor to this situation is to keep flying the airplane.

I know this may sound silly, but the cockpit of an airplane can get overwhelming, and things can get out of control fast. Add to that, poor weather conditions, terrain, busy radios, mechanical problems or low fuel levels, and you have the perfect cocktail for disaster.

If you research the NTSB and FAA crash statistics on smaller privately owned aircraft, you will see quickly that the numbers point to pilot error under stress, inexperience, or clouded judgment.

Some pilots get so overwhelmed in fact, that they forget to put the landing gear down. It happens… Frequently.

Regardless of the scenario: engine fire, low power light, severe weather… you have to keep flying the airplane…

That is your number one priority.

So, when things are in chaos, and it seems like they are pulling you in a million different directions…

Keep flying the airplane…

Nothing else matters.


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