Cut Sling-load

A “Sling-load” is something that is attached to the bottom of a helicopter like a sack of groceries.

Sometimes it’s a howitzer cannon, sometimes it’s a vehicle, sometimes it’s just a pallet of ammunition.

In the U.S. Army Air Assault school, we dedicated a large amount of time studying, building, and being tested on sling-loads. They are extremely meticulous. No room for error.

Once connected, and airborne under the helicopter, even the best built sling-load can start to oscillate around under the aircraft.

This uncontrolled swinging can become highly dangerous, and if not corrected quickly can even potentially cause the helicopter to crash.

When things get sketchy, the pilot, crew, and ground crew all have the ability to make the call:

“Cut Sling-load”

It’s exactly what it sounds like. The clamp on the bottom of the helicopter releases the load immediately to preserve the lives of those onboard the helicopter and the aircraft itself.

Well, sometimes you need to do that in life too.

The sling-load can be a thing, a person, a job, or even a relationship. If it starts to get out of control, and you have nothing left in your skillset to correct it- you cut sling-load.

You cut it before it damages anything…

You cut it before it risks the health of those closest to you…

You cut it before it drags you down with it…

It’s your flight, your life, and you are solely responsible for the safety of those onboard and the success of the mission.

No one else is coming to save you. YOU need to make the call.

So, without hesitation, if it’s out of control and putting everything at risk, regardless of what it is…


And continue flying.


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