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You can divide leadership down into so many different things to discuss. We could probably go over leadership skills every day for three months and still need more time to cover it all.

Tonight though, I want to talk about a theory of motivation called the “Hawthorn Effect”.

Elton Mayo developed an explanation of motivation called the Hawthorn Effect, in which it suggests that employees are more productive when they know their work is being measured and have an input on their daily tasks.

Think about it…

Piece rate, commission, monthly counseling… all tools to motivate employees to perform.

In sales positions, having the flexibility to have input in your tasks, results based on performance, and measurable data, makes those kinds of careers very satisfying. If you take away one of those things though…


Now wrap this into your personal life. You can manage a team right? You can lead at work right? Let’s see you put that kind of energy into your personal life.

Give your people the ability and flexibility to talk with you about their ideas without judgement. Is your daughter having a hard day? Listen, and ask questions that allow her to discuss it more and come up with her own solutions without you interjecting your opinions. Don’t blow it off.

Give your family results based on performance. Had a bad day, let’s drink!… or not! That’s like a participation trophy for just making it through things. If “we” as a team hit all our goals for the week, let’s celebrate with a dinner out. If “we” hit all of our goals this year, let’s go to the beach for a week! Hold each other accountable, grow as a team, celebrate as a team.

Lead… from the front.

Nothing motivates a team more than a strong leader that exemplifies what they believe in and shows up every day for the success of the mission and the betterment of the team.

Your spouse is watching you. Your children are watching you. Your friends are watching you. What do they see?

Can you provide? Can you protect? Can you mentor? Can you listen? Can you show up?

We need leaders right now…

We as a society are struggling because we lack real leadership, real courage, and real discipline.

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Pick up your spear, pick up your shield, and lead

Courage is contagious…

Lead by Example


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