Security isn’t Real

Safety and Security…

Safety: noun– the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.

Security: noun– the state of being free from danger or threat.

I’m going to need you to put on your logical thinking caps for this one, because it’s a difficult thing to comprehend.

To be safe, means that you are protected, or whatever you are doing is unlikely to cause danger.

To be secured, means you are free from danger.

So to have security and safety would therefore mean you are not in any danger and are protected- unlikely to be harmed.

You still tracking with me? Good.

Are you in a safe environment when you’re driving on a road?

Are you in a safe environment when flying in an aircraft?

Are you in a safe environment while soapy in your shower?

Logically, there is never a chance in your life where you are secure. You are never totally and completely free from danger. It’s literally impossible.

So by definition, there is no such thing as “security” or freedom from any risk is there?

Security is a product. A product that is bought and sold to provide comfort to timid people, and slightly minimize certain risks. TSA, metal detectors at concerts, seat belts, gun free zones etc.

They are all safety mitigations, to lower the risk of danger on paper. But reducing the amount of risk will never eliminate the danger entirely.

Danger and risk will always be present. Nature is cruel, and humans as a species are forgetting that.

Safety, and calculated safety is a very important and valuable part of your decision making process. You can, and should, do everything you can to increase the odds of survival for your family.

Exercise, eat healthy, farm, prep, learn first aid, learn communication techniques, firearms training, self defense training, and survival skills to name a few. This isn’t “nonsense”, nor is it some wacky end of the world prep.

This is really mitigating risks. This is real safety for you and those around you. If you aren’t adding to the safety of those around you, then you are subtracting from it.

Security isn’t real. Not really.

Safety is.

Control what you can, where you can.


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