This is something that I personally think isn’t talked about enough, and definitely not understood.

In this world, all you hear is never quit, quitting is for losers… you know the drill.

But there’s a part of me that thinks this is a huge part in the downfall of society right now.

We forgot how to quit…

Smoking, gorging on food, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, terrible jobs etc.

TOO MANY have forgotten how to quit bad habits, quit allowing toxic people into their lives, quit mindless jobs that aren’t fulfilling.

We have wandered aimlessly into a fuzzy world of acceptance at all costs to avoid confrontations…

And that’s a dangerous place to be. For everyone.

You need to master your skills at quitting. I’m not talking about giving up- that’s different. I’m talking specifically about quitting something that is a detractor from your life, so you can add value to your life through something else.

Quit that job, your boss is a narcissistic sociopath anyway.

Quit wasting time doing things that don’t matter, you seriously don’t get that time back.

Quit shoving processed garbage down your throat.

Quit staying in an abusive relationship.

Quit setting a terrible example for your kids.

Quit allowing people to push you around to fit their comfort.

“Cool cool. Sounds great.” But how?

Well hey, I’m still figuring that out myself, but here’s what I do know:

Discipline, standards, values…

Have the discipline to make the hard choices.

Have the standards as a guideline of what you will and will not allow in your life.

Have the values that represent yourself and your family to the highest regard.

If anyone or anything steps in and tries to manipulate your discipline, standards, or values- you quit.

Sure, they’ll scoff and pout and write strongly worded letters and live stream their terrible experiences about you- but so what?

Sure, you’ll be tempted by taking time off from the gym and drinking during the game- but so what?

These are detractors. These things need to be deleted from your life. You need to quit.

Only low frequency people worry about what others think about them.

Time to get off that frequency.

Learn how to quit.


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