Look. In no guru of happiness…

I don’t have a degree in psychology, nor am I a licensed therapist.

What I am though, is experienced in a wide range of emotions from lows to highs throughout a wild lifetime of experiences in a short period of time.

I have attended years of counseling at the Veteran Services Center in Arizona and have tried many medications to help balance anxiety, hyper vigilance, and trauma response from combat exposure. It’s been a real hoot.

Here are a few things I have learned through these decades of experiences:

Seek Help- it doesn’t make you “weak”, it makes you proactive in your health

Drinking Doesn’t Solve Anything- no matter how much you drink, the pain will not go away, and it doesn’t help anyone.

It’s Okay- to not be okay

Be Selfish- No one is coming to save you. Expect to self rescue. Be selfish. Take care of yourself first.

Focus on YOUR Happiness- you cannot help anyone else around you in a beneficial way if you- yourself are miserable. Ensure that you have a surplus of positivity before you go pour into someone else.

Take Breaks- Just like going to the gym, take rests in between sets. Get off social media. Turn off the news.

Surround Yourself with Great Humans- Look, I get flak for this often. If someone brings negativity into your life, or if they are toxic towards you- cut them out. Friend/family/acquaintance, it doesn’t matter.


You aren’t the happiness whisperer. You aren’t the good vibe guru. You can’t like everyone either.

Set boundaries, respect yourself, respect your time, respect your relationships with those that would sit in the front row of your funeral.

But most of all, do your best to enjoy your life.

The average American will only experience 77 summers in their lifetime.

By that statistic, I only have 36 summers left.

Don’t get caught wasting time on some pudknocker who provides zero value to your life.

Focus on you.

Find your happy.


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