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You’ve hit your goal. You won the game. You earned that promotion finally. You sold that account. You hit what you were aiming for.

Congratulations! Take some time to celebrate the victory…

But not for more than 24 hours.

I bet that hurt a few of you to read didn’t it?

A lot of people start to relax once they reach that objective, they take their foot off the gas and become complacent. They let down their guard and get comfortable.

They kick off their shoes…

I hate to rain on your parade here, but the second you do that is the second you start moving backwards. Now you aren’t actually moving backwards, but those relentless workers, your competitors, the world even… they are still moving forward.

With or without you…

The second you let off the throttle, that whole batch of other racers who keep showing up and putting in the work will pass you, and then you will be catching up again. If they are high frequency, ambitious, and relentless, you will struggle to keep up.

As you get complacent, they choose to better themselves. As you get comfortable from your “win”, they work into the late hours, get up early, and focus on their health. As you start to get passed and complain about how you’ve been wronged, they will decimate you regardless of your feelings.

Nature is Metal…Unrelenting, unforgiving, and absolutely ruthless.

So, celebrate your victories. You have earned that right and deserve to enjoy it. But instead of coasting and getting comfy…

Use that momentum and positive energy to thrust yourself forward even more!

That way you can celebrate and continue dominating.

Do not, pull back on the throttles.


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