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Setting priorities is a skill that takes practice…everydayall day

Wish they would have taught us more about that in high school…

The hardest part about setting your priorities is knowing which ones are actually worth fighting for, and which ones are the most important. Triage if you will.

So, as you plan your goals to set your priorities, I want you to remember this:

  • If you pass away at work, your position will be filled before you are in the ground.
  • Your money is nothing more than code displayed on a computer screen.
  • Your favorite sports team does not care about you or even knows you exist.
  • Your car is an overpriced collection of parts bolted together at the lowest cost.

Your family is the most real, and most important thing in your life. Your children are the most important people in your life. If anything else supersedes those things, you need to reevaluate your decision making paradigm.

Me personally- I will not prioritize any-thing over any-one.

But I will also not prioritize those people that won’t be in the front row at my funeral ahead of those who will.

Focus on your front row.


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