Balance Your Budget

Anything that costs you your mental health is too expensive…

Read that again.

Anything that costs youyour– mental health is too expensive…

You’ve all surely heard the story about giving and taking from your life in terms of withdrawals/deposits, but that is more attention and energy based.

When your buddy has asked for your truck every weekend and brings it back with an empty tank- that dude is a withdrawal- financially and to your life.

But what about your mental health?

On average, there are 130 suicides per day in the United States alone. That means an American commits suicide every 11 minutes.

Think about that…

So… about your actions and interactions with everyone you meet. Are you trying to help them be better? Are you a positive influence in their life? Did you leave them in a better place?

My point there- don’t be mean, to anyone, ever. It doesn’t solve anything. Never has.

However, are YOU being treated well? Are YOU being respected?

Being nice to others does not mean being a punching bag in return. You need to value yourself, your peace, and your happiness as well.

When it comes to actions, it can be give and take…

But when it comes to your mental health-


Your mental health is far too valuable…

So remember: ANYTHING that costs you your mental health is too expensive.

You can’t afford it…

It’s not in your budget.


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