Get Over It

How many times have you been told this?

And how did that make you feel?

You always hear, especially in difficult situations, that you should never tell someone to just “get over it.”

It doesn’t validate their feelings, it makes them feel even worse, and it doesn’t solve anything other than making you look like a pudknocker.

However, you really do need to get over it…

Whatever anger, hurt, loss, pain, suffering, jealousy, insecurities you are feeling and traveling through right now are extremely heavy.

That doesn’t mean that these things aren’t important…

You bet your ass it’s important.

But it is weighing you down, and you do need to face it. It can be anything from making that difficult phone call, to quitting that relationship, to seeking therapy, or even focusing on your self-care.

So, imagine you are sitting at the “base camp” of your life. You have all of your equipment on and you go to lift your backpack. It’s full of guilt, pain, sadness, grief, stress, and dread. It is as heavy as a house.

How is your ascent going to go? How about at 18,000′? What happens when you get to 22,000′?

The higher you climb, the less weight you will want to carry, or you will not reach the summit before you hit total muscle failure and collapse on the slope.

Now you are endangering your team, maybe even need a rescue, maybe even a helicopter and crew needs to risk their lives to save you…

All because you didn’t take out the weight.

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself and set boundaries. It is selfish to run yourself into the ground on purpose and force your team to be fully responsible for your survival, and the potential strain that may put on their own minds and safety.

So get over it…

We want you with us. We want you to summit this peak with us.

Focus, heal, and keep moving forward.


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