Living on the Edge

I know, when you read that caption you came in here thinking I’d be talking about adrenaline and risky behavior.

Not even close…

I’m talking about a different edge, and something we need to be doing more of.

I’m talking about the word audacity…

Now there are two definitions to audacity thanks to the English language, and they are strikingly different.

The first is the audacity to be admired for. Boldness, courage, determination, grit.

The second is the audacity of your actions. Arrogant disregarding, ignorance, defying adherence.

I feel that we need to have some audacity, in both spectrums of the definition, but not all.

Living on the edge of the two…

We need intrepid boldness.

We need courage.

We also need to defy our leadership when we know there is a more powerful reason to stand up.

So have the audacity to charge head first, no matter how intimidating, into something that will better you as a person, while having the audacity to not listen to those in the cheap seats telling you to quit.

Live on the Edge…

Always Forward…


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