Show Up

Let’s look at the last 12 hours in a glance…

It’s Saturday, and I’m at my daughter’s defense class. They are working on body strikes and takedowns today. Terribly fun and exciting to see.

I spent all week finishing up a batch of custom handmade knives that have taken months to complete. I did not finish getting the photos completed until last night. I uploaded the builds onto our website by bedtime. I completed my daily blog post just before midnight. I woke up, made coffee, answered messages, sent a newsletter and posted on social media before my family was out of their rooms.

Then… I went to my daughter’s karate class with my wife and enjoyed every minute of it.

I soaked up all the information her instructor gave so I can help my daughter practice at home.

We cheered, we laughed, we smiled. We savored every moment of watching her learn and grow.

Then we came home with 30 minutes to spare before the website drop and went to work, having a record-breaking event.

I took these pictures while we were there. Every parent in the stands was glued to their phones, mindlessly scrolling. Missing everything, to include their situational awareness.

I wonder what their child felt?

I wonder how important their child felt?

I’m curious if the child even cares to do better, because, why? What’s the motivation?

Being a parent doesn’t mean just showing up

Anyone can show up.

Losers just “show up“.

Days are racing by us all. I know that we have a limited number of summers left with our daughter before she goes out to make a difference in this world. I will not miss a minute of that for anything, and I will sacrifice any amount of energy I have to ensure that happens.

So, as we were preparing for our small business drop, in the height of our anxiety and stress for the event, not knowing if we would be successful or not, potentially damaging our family finance health if we fail… where were we?

100% fully engaged in our child.

Where was every other single parent in the room? Drooling over the glass of their phones.

Do you think they had more going on? Did they have something more important happening in that computer than what was happening right in that room?

Doubt it…

Whether you have children or not, I want you to realize and notice this in your daily life. Don’t just “show up” and consider it a success… It’s not.

Lead by example and:


2 thoughts on “Show Up

  1. Awesome article. My daughter is in karate too and I had noticed how many parents are glued to the phones while the kids are out learning. So I can totally relate to what you said. God bless you brother keep up awesome work.

  2. I don’t know why it takes so much willpower to put down our phones in these situations. It’s worth it!

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