Fueling the Fire

So let’s say you have the motivation, you have the purpose, you have the passion- to seek out and accomplish your goals-


When? You have a full time job, you have a side hustle, you have a family you want to be involved with…

How do you find the hours in the day to make this happen? How do you find the energy if your job is physical?

All great questions. All great motivators. All great excuses to convince yourself to stay comfortable.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction according to Newton’s 3rd law correct? So how can you apply that to your 24 hours…

There are a few things you can start doing right now. Reverse engineer your day and start moving. Seriously. Right now. Put the phone down and do 10 pushups.

Feel that rush? Feel the clarity, the heat, the increase in your pulse? There is your energy.

Pushing your body may make you tired, but it also creates more energy.

Now how about building a plan…

24 hours in a day minus 14 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep gives you two hours of free time. If you’re like me and want to be involved in your family and life- 2 hours won’t cut it. Now it’s just logistics.

Exercise at work… it feels goofy, people may pick on you… until they start joining you. Do 10 pushups every hour on the hour- that’s 140 a shift! Now add 10 squats every hour. Walk to lunch. Take the stairs. Add weight to your squats. Add things like calf raises, lunges- get creative.

That’s the point… get creative.

Solve the problem.

Make the most of your free time focusing on those closest to you and your goals.

Do it for the right reasons and you will not fail.

Fuel the fire, and it will burn brighter


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