The human body by design will find any and every excuse to not exert energy. It’s actually a survival mechanism engrained into our bodies.

Before the modernization of things, you had no idea when you’d eat next, or need to chase after a mammoth. So your body fights to keep you from expending energy just in case.

Well guess what? There’s no mammoths to worry about, so it’s time to force yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Don’t want to? Too bad. Do it anyway.

Your family is counting on you.

Your children are counting on you.

Your country is counting on you.

Needs help getting off the couch? Here’s 4 steps to persevering that will help you make this adjustment:

1. Focus on the positive outcomes of the activity

2. Regulate your emotions

3. Monitor and track your goal progress

4. Think of the near finish

Let me break that down simply…

Don’t focus on the negatives.

Stop whining- it doesn’t help and no one cares.

Track everything so you can evaluate if you are improving or spinning your wheels.

Want to quit? Push one more mile, one more step, one more minute.

Don’t quit…

Learn to persevere and push yourself through your genetic disposition to be a lazy pudknocker.


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