Trust Your Instruments

If you are familiar with aviation, especially general/private aviation, I’m sure you have heard this before.

One of the biggest reasons for fatal pilot error incidents is caused by them not trusting their instruments.

When you are flying, especially in the clouds, and can’t see anything to reference the earth, your body starts to lie to you.

Your body “feels” the aircraft climbing. It “feels” the aircraft turning. It feels so real in-fact, that you can actually be inverted and not realize it.

Then the pilot, inverted in the clouds, feels they are descending and pulls up- straight into the ground.

So when you’re in the clouds, and things “feel” off. Take a second. Breathe…

Check your instruments…

Is everything in the green? Is your savings growing? Is your strength increasing? Are you losing weight? Are you slowing making gains towards a goal?

Graph your goals and follow your successes.

Math and data is cool, because numbers don’t lie- but feelings do… often.

So instead of grabbing the controls and making a change because things don’t “feel” right:

Check Your Instruments

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