What was the worst day of your life? Was is as bad as you think it was?

For the longest time, something that always jumped into my consciousness was one of the first direct firefights I was in.

Someone literally trying to take my life from me.

11pm at night on a hilltop outside of Ghazni, Afghanistan with a 3 man team, outnumbered 4 to 1 and they had the high ground .

For years, all I could think about was that night. The sounds, the smells, the feel. The tracers burning on the hood of the humvee after hitting the bulletproof glass.

But about 7 years ago my mindset started changing. Obviously the situation couldn’t change, it already happened.

I started seeing my buddy slow motion jumping off a small cliff like a swan dive to avoid the machine gun rounds that chased him. I remember me bouncing on the roof of the humvee as I held on to the turret as it drove away down the valley.

It was a total shit show, and frankly, kind of hilarious.

Once you took out the negative aspects, the rest of it was actually okay, laughable, unreal, and a rush.

So think about the worst day of your life, and remove the negativity. What’s left in that memory? Was it kind of silly? Was it adrenaline packed? Was it worth the stress you’ve put yourself through since?

You can’t change the past. But you can change your perspective, and eventually see the good side of things.

You have the ability.

Apply it.

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I can’t take the negative out of the day I lost my only daughter. But I have been able to think of it from the standpoint of things that were either humorously ironic, or downright lovely. For instance I had had my eyebrows microbladed a couple of days earlier so above my red eyes were some eyebrows that looked like Bert’s from Sesame Street. And as I didn’t know when I left the house that morning at 3 am what the day held, I had worn a shirt to the hospital that said “good mood.” The other thing that it took me awhile to realize is that while that was indisputably my worst day thus far, it was just a day. The implications of that day have played out every day since and that is what I really have to work with. If I think about that actual day there were some really beautiful parts to it too. When something very traumatic happens, it gives you an opportunity to see how some people really handle it and come through with a great deal of grace. Even if I can’t remove the negative I can temper it with those bright spots. It is a gift to be able to reframe traumatic events into humor and beauty.

    1. Loss of a loved one is by far one of the worst traumas to ever endure. I am happy that you had the ability to come through it with grace and nobility. I am so sorry for your loss, and the pain that you have suffered.
      I hope that you can continue to heal with those beautiful memories.

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