S6 Drop!!!

It’s here…

The ultimate goal for us is to provide the premier Hand Made American tool with the least amount of waiting time as we can humanly provide. After several years and tens of thousands of reinvested dollars later, we are arriving at this goal.

Consider this a test run for future drops from Scorpion 6.

We have 4x Bensag 750’s, an LR-1, a Thestral, 3x Pingvin Tools, and a KeyBar with our blade insert. The website has been loaded with the products for preview, and the drop will occur at 1200 MST tomorrow (15 Oct 2022)

See you there!

One thought on “S6 Drop!!!

  1. I loved the drop even though I didn’t buy anything. It was so fun looking over all the knives and reading the backstories. You guys are the best!

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