The Renegat (Renegade) Axe

Nearing the end of summer, I was watching the Terminal List by Jack Carr and saw a scene where the main actor (Chris Pratt) pulls out a tomahawk and disembowels his enemy with it.

There is no fixed tool in the world that feels as amazing in the hands as a good tomahawk or axe.

This new found inspiration led to me hopping onto my CAD computer and getting to work. I wanted to make something lighter, stronger, sinister looking, and more mission capable than a typical “combat axe”. I designed one with a pick, and one with a hammer.

In just a few short weeks, I had parts on my workbench. The prototype is 1095 steel, so I oil quenched the steel, freehand ground the blade/pick and shaped the G10 handles.

It weighs just under 12 ounces, measures around 11” and features axe, pick, pry-bar, and multiple ways to hold it.

We do not have any plans at this moment to do a “run” of them, as we are focused on customer orders and Blade Show West, but we will be making more.

Spread the word, stay safe, and keep it #madeinamerica

5 thoughts on “The Renegat (Renegade) Axe

  1. Coolest piece I’ve seen in a while! Amazing design man. That guy is at the top of the food chain!💯

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