B1-B Run is Alive!

The B1-Balisong (B1-B) is our first attempt of a Balisong knife. Even though I have very little experience with them, I felt that I would learn and challenge my abilities by making one. Press fit stop pins into hardened stainless steel was my key goal.

After making the prototype, I realized that I do in fact enjoy this kind of knife. I moved the prototype around into more experienced hands for feedback and criticism. It went over so well that we decided to bring a few to Blade Show in Atlanta!

So now, we are moving forward with a full run of them. This drop features Grade 5 Titanium handles, titanium hardware, ceramic bearings and hardened stainless 3/16 pivot barrels. The blades are made of CPM MagnaCut stainless steel and will be using 3/16 hardened stainless steel stop pins. 100% made in Arizona by hand.

This drop will be split up between exhibition shows and website drops. Make sure you are subscribed for the details when they come!

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