Sunday Update

The time after Blade Show is always a wild time. For the entire year, that one event is something that is always being worked on because of how immense it is. After cleaning the shop, replacing all of our machine tooling, restocking every consumable, and cutting the next Blade Show- we are back in business.

Unfortunately though, after the show and travel across the country, I came down with an upper respiratory infection which has led to acute pharyngitis. After antibiotics the doctors still think it will be weeks before I feel better.

We are still working, still building, still shipping- just a little slower than usual. We appreciate everyone of you, and your patience as we push through into the next chapter of our journey.

15 responses to “Sunday Update”

  1. Praying for a faster recovery than the doctors have diagnosed for you brother🙏🏾🖤🙏🏾

  2. Just keep your head up and stay vigilant as you always do man. Hopefully you’ll feel better sooner rather than later🙏.
    The new platform is a great idea! Now we can get right to the meat and potatoes Without sifting through all the fluff😉.

  3. Good read! Hope you get better and feel good soon! Love seeing the work your doing! Keep killing it!

  4. You know the S6 Family has your back and we just hope you get better and take care of you first. You have opened up your family and life to us and will be riding this out with you not as customers, but as family. If anyone needs an S6 blade that bad I’ll sell them mine. Other then that everyone can wait. Get better and we got you Shane and Kate!

  5. Take care & get well soon, Shane! I specially created an account here to follow your blog!

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